10 facts of THIS ROAD

It's been 1 months since we released THIS ROAD, the debut album of Tim Lim. Thank you all for those who have purchase the album and supported us so far.

In conjunction with the 1 month anniversary of the launch, we love to share 10 juicy facts about the album..

1) The first song ever recorded for the album was track 9 on the album, Lost in Love/Amazing Grace
2) My first-ever properly composed song is in this album. I m sure some have heard the story about it. It is track 5 - Creating Miracles.
3) The last song that was recorded for this album was track 11 - This Road. Ironic eh? haha.
4) Jonathan Tse sung as backup vocal on two tracks..track 9 and track 10. Spot it..haha.
5) The most easiest song, for me, in the recording process of the album was track 8 - You remind me. We finished recording that song so fast, I think less than 2 hours, and yet sounded beautiful.
6) Most songs were composed over the past 7 years of my life.
7) Yes, as you all know, the album contains 10 songs. But the fact for the past 7 years, I been composing around 90+ songs. To narrow it down to 10 songs is no joke. I have written all kinds of songs .. from circular to worship so it all comes down to make type of album I wanted to make, which helps in narrowing what songs to record for the album
8) The album name, THIS ROAD came to my mind 2 years ago. So when I was asked what name should I give to my debut album, the answer was kinda easy.
9) As you can see on the album, it has 11 tracks but it was supposed to be a 10-songs album. After listening to My Trust, I and Jonathan thought the long intro that was done can be separated into an interlude. Thus, track 3 is actually an interlude towards track 4 - My Trust
10) The whole production process took nearly a year, as I have to travel to Jonathan's studio in Kota Kinabalu for recording.

That's some facts I love to share for now. Stay tuned for more in weeks, months to come :)

Do remember that THIS ROAD is make available now through these channels ..

1) Place your orders online through timlim1206@gmail.com and we will work with you on how you can get your hands on it
2) For KL people, you can visit Faith Christian Centre to purchase the album. Who knows, if I m around, you can get my signature for free! :) If you need directions, visit ilovefcc.com
3) For Ipoh people, you can purchase it through St Peter's Church.

Soon, the album would be available in some Christian bookstore. Stay tuned for more of that information.

We hope also to release some information about upcoming some gigs but stay tuned for that as well. Basically everything is exciting at TL project.

Much love.


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