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Yes..even though the tour happened like exactly a month ago..gee, it seems like it happen yesterday..if you get what i mean...haha.

Anyway, I wrote an article for my church, Faith Christian Centre's website, which basically it's a summary of the tour/camp we all embark on last month. Here's the article taken straight from the website.

Enjoy. Anyway, cant wait to be on the road again. :)


Tim Lim's Album Tour & Diocesan Youth Camp

4th to 11th December 2009
by Timothy Lim

From 4th December until 11th December, I led a team from FCC to Kota Kinabalu on a tour to two churches; then subsequently joined the annual Diocese English Youth camp. We embarked on this journey to promote FCC to the youths and also to impact the next generation.

We visited the youth fellowship of two churches in Kota Kinabalu - Good Samaritan and All Saints' Cathedral - where we joined them for worship and icebreakers while using songs from my debut album as a tool to share with them. As bridges were built, we eventually joined them for fellowship and hung out with them.

Next on the agenda for us, after touring those two churches was the Diocese English Youth camp. We were told this is the biggest attendance ever for the camp - about 335 plus campers! Of course, being in the camp allowed us and the youths from all over the Sabah Diocese to know each other better through the fellowships and programs. The theme of the camp is called DIG DEEP, where everyone was given an opportunity to study the Gospel of Mark and all of us learned how to dig deep into God's word together. Apart from that, we also led worship in a few sessions and it was really a great experience to see youths getting passionate about worshiping God - whether they are jumping or lifting their hands to Him.

Overall, we had a great time in Kota Kinabalu, ministering and fellowshiping with the youths. We sincerely thank everyone who has supported us in this tour especially in prayer. We also want to appreciate the hospitality that was given to us by the Diocese, Good Samaritan church and All Saints' Cathedral.

Lastly, I would like to close this sharing with a Bible verse from Ecclesiastes 12:1a - "Remember your Creator in days of your youth" - a clear reminder for us all to continue to fix our eyes on God in everything that we do.

Much love.



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