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Thought of taking some time to share the ministry I m involved in. Music has been playing a very important role in the church as much as other ministries and here at the church that I m serving, Faith Christian Centre, music is something we all passionate about because we believe in the cultural mandate that music is a gift from God. With that, Faith Music exist to use this gift of music for Him.

Faith Music have been one of the important ministry over the years in FCC - training musicians, providing music classes, preparing them for the worship team ministry and even giving opportunity to members to be part of album production. Faith Music have already released its debut album "Dream" and the second album would be out soon.

Week in week out we hold music classes to guide people in their musical journey, whether it's learning guitar or singing. The FM instrument classes are held every Saturday night 830pm till 1030pm. It's a friendly environment where every walks of life are able to come together with the common interest of music. So far, classes we are offering are guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocals. I'll be teaching vocals mainly in case you are wondering.

Of course, for more updates on Faith Music, these are the links you can check out :- and the FB group.

As a closing, just want to share the article that I wrote for FCC website about our recent launch for the classes' new term, hope it gives you all an idea what's all about. On that night, THIS ROAD albums were given away as one of the lucky draw prizes, if you see scroll further down, I even get to find time to sign the CD. haha.


Faith Music Launch

27th February 2010
by Tim Lim | photos by Eric Tai & Kim Loong

Some people said that the new year really kicks off after Chinese New Year and we at Faith Music feel the same way too. With the tagline, Brand New Start" , 27th February 2010 Saturday Night marks the new start for Faith Music instrument class.

It's Faith Music's vision to experience 3 main things - to have fellowship with each other, to dig deep into the word of God and to use our gifts for His kingdom. That basically forms the flow for the night. About 80 plus people turn out and the opening night was pretty like any orientation day that students would experience - games, presentation, speeches and then breaking into classes.

Overall, it was a good start and we hope through this fresh start, we can raise a new generation of worshippers who will be passionate for God and His kingdom.

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Feel free to dropby at FCC to find out more about these classes. Bring along some friends as well to meet people who are all passionate about music.

I hope you will enjoy this entry. Would be back more for updates.



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