Life Enlivened

It's my pleasure to share about the release of my church (Faith Christian Centre)'s 2nd album entitled Life Enlivened.

We at FCC are very passionate about music, be it from which congregation you are. We here believe in the cultural mandate that music is a gift from God and we should use it with responsibility for His kingdom.

After the success of the 1st album - "Dream", the journey for the second album begins nearly 2 years ago from a song competition called Music Revolution 2+ , a competition to search for the new songs and talents around us. From there, we have various songs being submitted to us and with that, we are able to select songs for this album.

Fast forward to this year, for the past few months, we all at FCC have been working hard for this album either in singing, musicians, marketing or publishing the album. There are songs that varies in genre and languages. Yes, you will be hearing English, Chinese and BM songs in this album.

The album launch is on 15th May 2010 830pm at FCC. To check for information, head over to Facebook to get the details.

As a church music/worship co-ordinator, I m proud to oversee this project and thank God for the talents He has given to this church. I hope you can come along and support my church album. It's exciting times and I hope everyone can come and share the joy with us.

Cheers and God bless.


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