FCC's 2nd album - Life Enlivened

This week we launch FCC second album - Life Enlivened. Music comes from the creator God and should be used to worship God. In 'Life Enlivened', we worship God with worship songs and share the Good News to glorify God. We believe that we have a responsibility to reclaim music for God in this generation. Apart from the Gospel Mandate - to share the Good News (Redemption), we have a cultural mandate - to glorify God with everything possible in our creative activities. For God created everything on earth and entrusted them to us (Creation). So it is not right to neglect other cultural aspects (including politics, social responsibility, economy, arts) in Christian life.

We believe that every gift that God has given us must be fully used to glorify Him and extend the Kingdom. We see that God has given us 'five talents' in music and song composition. Hence, it is only right to use the talents to the full. Of all people, somehow, we are the ones who are blessed with composers who are productive. Our responsibility is to nurture them and give them space to express their love to the Lord.

From the experience of the first album, we see that the church was blessed with all of the albums sold out in a very short span of time. The blessings we received was used to extend the Faith Music ministry and also reinvest into the new album. I am asking everyone in FCC to support the album - not because it is an album but because it is a sign of cultural mandate. In economics term - the money we use for the album will be used anyway for other purposes. Unless those other purposes are justified to be noble, your choice should be the album. We have the immediate responsibility and opportunity to support Christian talents and artists.

- front page bulletin message from Rev. Lin Khee Vun, Priest in-charge of FCC.

I m proud to be part of my church's 2nd album production and I want to congratulate all those who was involved in it in every way.

May the Lord bless everyone involved and this album. May His name be glorified.


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