Marvelous time at Marvelous Change

Here are some notes about my trip to Ipoh recently..

29th October 2010
830pm - Meet at my KL house, start journey to Ipoh
1115pm - Reach Ipoh. Rendezvous at my Ipoh house (lol.. many houses eh..)
1130pm - Supper at Medan Selera, next to Stadium Ipoh. Good food. How I miss the food there.
1230pm - Check in at our place of stay which was West Diocese Bishop's Ipoh house. Honoured to use it.

30th October 2010
8am - Wakeup and did devotion.
830am - Breakfast.. i mean.. dim sum breakfast!!

10am - At St Peter's Church Ipoh for soundcheck.

1230pm - Lunch.
230pm - Back resting.
6pm - At venue, setting up, pray and light dinner.

8pm - Event start!!
10pm - Sweat all over after an amazing time with God and His people. Praise God for the night, there are some people who responded to my challenge to know Jesus. Awesome =)
1130pm - Super late dinner/Supper.. so you can call it din-per? or Sup-ner?

31st October 2010
745am - Rise and shine and get ready for church.
8am - Setup and soundcheck as we lead worship in Sunday service at SPC.

9am - Start service. Had awesome time worshipping God there, I believe God is doing something great in the church.

1130am - in town - eat tau fu far, buy biscuits, food and salty chicken
1230pm - Lunch
2pm - Left Ipoh. Thanks for the amazing memories.
430pm - Reach KL.

That's a quick roundup what happen when I and the crew were at Ipoh...

A big big thanks to St Peter's Church folks for the great hospitality that made this trip so unforgettable. My family as well for playing a big part in making sure our trip is enjoyable especially all our meals. Indeed we are so blessed to be there. I have received lots of positive feedback and comments especially on how some of you are encouraged by us. All I can say is praise God and really thank you for your encouragement. Yes .. your encouragement encouraged us a lot =)

Big thanks to the crew for the great effort.. you guys are just awesome!!

I saved the biggest thanks to God above who really made all possible.

Hope to be back to Ipoh for more gigs. We love you guys so much..

Anyway, our official crew photographer still having the pics so before he release some of them here, here are some pics I found on FB and you can have a sneak peak at it.

William Lee's pics
Daniel Lim's pics

Enjoy them and hopely we get to release pictures and videos about this trip soon for everyone to enjoy.

Till next time, rock on for God. Much love.


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