FCC Easter 2011 - He's Alive

This is a recorded footage of what happen on Easter this year 2011 at FCC.

On Easter Sunrise service, we did a new song which was self-composed by one of our worship team member...yes...the main credit goes to Lo Shi Seng who compose this song.

The song is titled "He's Alive" -- a celebration cry that Jesus is alive which we all can rejoice and be glad on the fact that we are victorious!

Hope you all will enjoy this song.. I personally enjoyed doing this song especially songs that are self-written and composed. It is always fun to do such songs because you have a sense of joy and ownership to sing your own praise song to God.

And if you interested to know about FCC, you can check us at ilovefcc.com :D

(video credit: Zermi Ng)


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