Reflections on 1st album songs

Nearly 2 years since This Road was launched, I thought it's time for me to share some interesting insights and background about the song list of the album.

1st song – THE ONE
The joy of having someone in your life, in this case, having God in my life means the world to me.

2nd song – MY LIFE
You live for something in life, there is something that drives you to live on. The heartbeat of this song is that I living my life the best that I can for God above.

3rd song – MY TRUST
Life can be tiring and taxing. Despite the challenges, we must strive on and stay strong. Trusting God with all our heart.

The message of the song is simple. United we stand, divided we fall.

5th song – HOPE
Sometimes when the world seems to be too much to bear, sometimes when things seems to be a burden, we can look up to God for He is our hope and strength.

6th song – LOOK INTO THE SKY
As we live our lives, we know that someone up there watching and protecting us.

7th song – YOU REMIND ME
People and friends come and go in life. We meet different people along the way in our lives. This song speaks of a person’s memories and relationship with friends and people

8th song – LOST IN LOVE(amazing grace)
God loves us so much that even though we are imperfect, He gave us grace and mercy. It’s a love that no one can give.

9th song – FAITHFUL
A love song that speaks of gratefulness and love towards God who is always with us through the ups and down

10th song – THIS ROAD
A reflection that life is like a road that all of us traveled on and all of us walk different paths.

Hope you really enjoy this first album and hope you can share it with your friends :)

You can listen some of the songs on my reverbnation and myspace account.

Second album in works, at the meantime, just spread the love around..


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