Cover for me..

Hi, it's the month of july..and how's 1st half of 2011 for you all?

Well, time really flies..

Don't sad, I have a contest in line..

That's call "cover for me"

You see, there's lots of songs being covered on Youtube, ppl cover literally everything but now I am giving you guys the honor to choose any songs out there for me cover and the best idea/concept..well, I will sing it but acoustically..get it done on video so the whole world can see, and I will send you a free CD with my signature as a gift of appreciation.

Write your entry/answer on this note/link. I will scan through the list with my own selected panel of judges to decide which entry is the best...

closing date : 11th July 2011

The video would be out say..2 to 3 weeks, no promise but i say it's BY end of the mouth..

So get your ideas pouring in.. looking forward to read it!

Much love


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