4 months after...

No.. it’s not the name of my 2nd album followup.. just some gimmick name for this post..

(short adv : if you haven’t got my albums, you gotta do so! Haha.. )

It’s been 4 months since I released my 2nd album. Wow. Wow. Wow. How time flies.

Really, all glory to God that He enables me to do not just one but two albums for the past few years. It's crazy journey, it's never been easy.. I know I said this like thousand times but I am always humbled by the fact that God given me this opportunity to do "this". There are ups and downs in the production but let me say the journey has been like a big learning curve me. Met a lot of people in different places, met a lot of people I can learn from and work with, met a lot of lovely people. All in all, it's amazing to see how God use music to touch their hearts including me.

I want to thank my family, friends, band members, crew, whoever is directly and indirectly involve in this journey. I am glad to have you all on this journey... because it's gonna be a long road ahead...

Recently, after months of busy preparation for album launch and tours, I have a quiet month (even though there's small gigs) to sit down and re-evaluate my life, my journey as a singer/songwriter, direction, etc, etc..

Not gonna bored you with all my rumblings and thought but everyday i asked myself this question .. what’s next, Tim?

First and foremost, let me answer the most FAQ :- will there be 3rd album? Honestly :  Yes and no.

I wished I can blunt enough to tell people who asked this questions if they first have bought my albums. I haven’t finish selling the 1st batch of the albums and already more excited for 3rd album. Hahaha.. I appreciate your concerns and support but truth is, once the albums are moving quite fluently, I can think of 3rd or beyond.

Any artist would love to have 3rd, 4th, 5th and many albums. I love too as well. But reality is there’s much to be done.

I must admit I do have a direction mapped out for 3rd album. The matter right now is the timing and resources.  At the same time, after reflecting and gathering feed backs for both past albums, I want to do better than those two album made, honestly. I received a lot of positive, but I believe there’s much space to improve. I will probably want to spend more time and money to make sure 3rd is better than 2nd or 1st. Same applies if you ever asking for 4th or 5th or anymore.

Even if 3rd album is a long way to go, I might do simple EPs along the way. So watch out for that. Or singles or some gimmicks (like festive songs, duets, covers)

Basically not giving any fix time frame or limit myself.

Same goes with my songs. I m not wanting to limit myself to be just a songwriter for a certain genre. Creative is limitless.

Apart from my albums, I recently appointed to be a creative ambassador for Change Your World. Yes, I am in the same family with RELENT. We could do things together, although we already tour together in few CYW gigs. Exciting things (or times) ahead.. but for me, all that matters to me to be part of CYW is to spread the social injustice message that the world sometimes shut out.

Immediate future for me??  I will keep writing songs, keep doing music. That’s my passion even though life is not easy. Not sure in what capacity, but I will keep doing it. I will still tour around, spreading the love and message by the way.

2013 will be out for some tours, some gonna be major but let's see how it goes... will update from time to time..

I have to admit many times I feel like quitting but there’s a small still voice that tells me to preserve. I can never tell enough how tough my life has been. To balance my life, this project, and work. To face the ugly side of human which sometimes exists in the circle that you thought is save. Sometimes I have to admit that I not sure whether people appreciate or really understand what people like me going through.. but I rather die doing what I love to do than living a lifetime of regret. I m not just gonna sit down and be upset.. I will just move on and on and on till God calls me home...

I know it’s cliché to say “let’s see how God leads..” but the truth is that the story of my life. In Proverbs 16:9, it says "we can make our plans but LORD determine our steps".

Like I said earlier, I will keep doing what God allows me to do.. that's music.

And again, I thank all of you for your understanding, prayers, friendship, feed back...

The journey never ends.. that's for sure..


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