forth the july

Wow.. how time flies...

Come this month, it will be a year since THE DAY AFTER, the 2nd album was released. Journey has been amazing and really thank you all for the support and encouragement.

In conjunction with that, we gonna have some surprises. Well, stay tuned for it ya! =D

Recently, did some recording with my guitar maestro friend Ah Seng...

We are working on a track.. a special track... for special release. You will know later what is all about. The track will be rocking awesome! 

Although busy in recent times, I been trying to come up with new materials which hopefully can be a blessing to everyone's ears. So let's see how it goes! :)

As for some gigs, if you haven't checked the events page, there are some happening this month..

Will be appearing for the third time in Sol Fontera's Open Mic gig hosted by my awesome friend who is making waves in local independent scene Shaneil Devaser. So, if you love music with a company of friends and food, come join the party.. there are plenty of acts that night.

Sarawak will be one destination I gonna be from 19th July till 21st July. See you there if you are at Sarawak!
On 27th July, will be part of this extravagant event.. called A Day of Praise of Worship.

More info can be read at

Will be on the 3pm slot and apart from that, feel free to join anytime that day from 9am to 9pm. 

So.. that's the update for JULY! Keep me in your prayers, keep showing your love!!


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