Glorious Ruins -- EASTER 2014 cover

how's the weekend for you guys? how's Easter for you?

Hope you have a meaningful Easter so far. I myself having a tiring but an awesome Sunday.

As promised, as previewed, as mentioned.. here's this year's Easter cover from me. First video from the land of Sabah! :D

Glad to be able to work with my awesome mate Sam Vun (nonsensei production) and also a talented pianist Deborah Ho for this video. Thanks for your time and effort to make this cover happened!

I guess it's fitting that as we are nearing the end of the day, it's good to reflect the message of the Cross and know that because of Him, we have a hope that last for eternity.

To quote Hillsong's devotional material for this song --
"The prophetic message of Isaiah 61 promises a future hope. Just as the ashes, symbolic of mourning and loss, are transformed into a crown of beauty, God works our struggles into beautiful stories of good triumphant over evil. When we are shattered, God lovingly restores our lives, putting our brokenness together again. When the harsh desert sun beats down, we find shelter in God’s protective span."

This song is one of my favourite recent Hillsong track. Hope you all will enjoy that cover and be encouraged.. well.. feel free to leave your comments and if you like me to do more covers, let me know too!!

Also, feel free to share this video around!

cheers. much love!


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