just a #heartcore testimony

I thought I want to share this testimony. A testimony to show of God's grace and glory.

I guess a lot of people's impression that I came out with this awesome pun concert name called Heartcore. hahaha. Sorry it wasn't me but well, read about the story here about it means actually..

In a nutshell, Heartcore is all about our hearts being centered on God, coming back to heart in serving and worship. So it's appropriate that this concert, the heart of it is God Himself.

To organize Heartcore in FCC is not easy. The details to look into was taxing. It's tiring, can't stress that more, when some people give unnecessary stress on details. I know a lot of people often say "this guy always love to do concert", truth is.. doing concert is not easy and I don't do it for the sake of doing it. To add to that, a lot of people have different views what a concert should be.. moreover, an "evangelistic concert".  But looking up to God is the remedy. Often, I trust God will move in ways that we cannot imagine.

One of the faint ideas I have prior to coming to KL is to explore doing a concert this year at FCC. I actually prayed about it. I've been going around with ideas like doing one on our own or get performers in (something like what I have done with RELENT over the years).

I actually heard and read about Heartcore tour, in fact Neil (of RELENT) shared with me about it. I love their idea and it's actually my dream (or vision) to be part of something big for God. I did roughly kept in touch with Jeff Kumar on Facebook and we've met up occasionally but it was my meeting with Darren Teh (An Honest Mistake singer who also plays bass in AOT) that changes everything.

We talked more about the Heartcore initiative and it is exactly what I love to be part of. Then immediately I sold that idea to my senior pastor who so happened to be at where we were discussing. Since then, ground work has been laid.

What I am trying to say is as I reflect back on what happened, I learn that when you commit your plans to God, when you seek Him then you go and work on it, God will open doors.

Another dream come true for me is to work together with AOT. I heard of them since I was young and they are the band that inspired me to go all out for God in music. I always hope to meet them someday, perhaps to collaborate on something.

It was this song that changed my view on music especially local Christian music. I have heard Christian hard rock albums before, especially from America (think Kutless, Relient K, Thousand foot krutch) but for something local like this, I feel that's something to take note of. And yes, I keep looping this song every now and then. Even today. CLASSIC =)

Many years on, here I am today with my own songs and albums with a purpose all out for God. All thanks to God's leading that we have the opportunity to meet and now, we are working together on this mission to use local Christian music to impact the nation here and beyond. We have been keeping in touch a lot lately because we are totally sold out on this mission and it's exciting to see how God is leading us towards that mission. Loving the fact I am part of something that is bigger than myself.

In summary, only God can make this radical dream come true and possible. Only GOD.

This whole experience can only inspire me to trust in God for open doors and a reminder that the best is yet to come.

I hope this inspires you as well to live and pursue God for your dreams, ambitions and hopes. It can be music, it can be arts, it can be a working field, it can be in an area or a mission field that God has planted in you.

I always love what C.S. Lewis said  — 'You are never too old to set another goal, or to dream a new dream.'

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Anyway, thanks all for being part of this awesome concert. The testimonies I hear so far have been encouraging. At the same time, I appreciate all the feedback that I have hear.

Thanks to all the acts -- Army of Three, Relent, Joanne&Julia, South&the Lowlands and Kent Sim. Thanks cell leaders and ushers in doing the ground work. Thank you everyone who came, I believed you are blessed by what God is doing through everyone's gift -- be it music or the ushering.

To God be the glory. =')


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