THIS ROAD. 7th anniversary

7. Seven.

It's an auspicious number to many.

Today, 7 years ago, THIS ROAD was released.

Some throwback posts you can click : Facts, pictures from the launch, songlist

THIS ROAD was a reflection of my life journey prior to its release. The inspiration behind the name THIS ROAD actually came from Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" poem. Why I love that poem is that it reflects the decision we make in our life. 

The songs basically reflect the album name itself. It was really a step unto the unknown and a lot of people think I was crazy to produce an album. 7 years on, I learnt a lot and I feel there's so much to learn as singer-songwriter, musician and a child of God. 

Today, as I look back, again I am thankful for all the support and experience shown.

Looking ahead, while there's opportunities and life, I determined to do my best. There are moments where I feel like giving up but somehow I am still thriving. 

A lot have asked about 3rd album. I can't say when but again, it's down to God's timing. I am writing new materials now and I am excited about it. But let's see how this goes from here. 

Once again, thank you all. I believe there's better things ahead for all of us =)


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