Frontera #9

It was fun hanging out with my fellow performers today at Frontera.

Yes, i did a BsB cover. Was trying it out today and you could hear it again in next gig. Sorry no live video though because we are lazy and most songs I been doing have been pretty much the same as every live video I did. So yea. haha.

That being said, yes, next gig will be next week on Thursday 27th October at Barlai. I am the featured act that night so i will be singing for 1 hour (i think). It's something you cannot miss.. seeing me singing that long.. yup.. so mark your calendars yo..

Meanwhile, will update you all about Nov-dec gigs as time comes so stay tuned to my fb page (

Cheers to all who came and made the night awesome. Even though some fella decides to do fogging at night when everyone is still having business. Crazy fella.

PS : I'm loving the taco tuesday here.
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Pic credit 📸: shaneil devaser


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