Holla everyone,

Just came back from the trip to Kampar, where I was sharing/singing at their UTAR CF meeting and it went really well. Probably one of the best gig I have so far, really had a good time there with the people. The TL crew really enjoyed it and on behalf of the crew, we want to thank the UTAR CF for all the blessings and the great fellowship time.

If you want to see some pictures from the event, so far these are the links I managed to track on Facebook and I hope you will enjoy it.

*Daniel Lim's pictures
*Wendy Loo's pictures
* June Ling's pictures

For the official pictures taken by our photographer Zermi Ng, head over to my FB fan page site.

Again, we want to thank UTAR kampar CF and everyone who came. We hope you will be blessed as much as we are very blessed by you guys.

Looking forward to more gigs like this.


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