DECEMBER lineup!


As promised, here's another TRIPLE THREAT for you all and peeps, YOU MUST BE THERE!

The best part of all these gigs is that there's plenty of superb talented people appearing alongside me. Hey, it's Christmas, we shouldn't do things alone right?

Alright, the plan is this :-
21st December is at Gaslight. It's my first time there and featuring as well on that night is the talented Darien Foo​. He is a master of what he does, so it's a venue you need to be there!

22nd December is back at the most loved venue called Ground Eatery​. I will be singing and sharing, alongside friends like RELENT and Grace Pang​. If hearing beautiful songs ain't enough, the food there is brilliant and delicious. Trust me, that's why I love going there.

23rd December, there's a Christmas special at FCC. I will be opening the night before the main act, which is a musical drama that you must not miss! Details are at 最好的礼物 Best Gift Ever

So.... do stay tuned at this page for latest update and details!

Now, mark your calendars and I wanna see you all at these venues!!

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